As of October 1st, 2016 Devlin Gailus Westaway became DGW Law Corporation.
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    DGW Law Corporation (“DGW”) focuses on providing a wide range of services to First Nations, Inuit and Métis, as well as partners working with Aboriginal interests in Canada. Our primary service areas include all aspects of the following:


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    Our lawyers represent clients from Victoria to Labrador as well as in Canada’s North. The firm is headquartered in Victoria, and leads the Canadian Lawyers Readers Survey as the Top 5 Aboriginal Law Boutiques.


DGW Law Presents at the Judicial Justices Education Conference - November 24, 2016

DGW Law Associate, Ms. Guuduniia (Guud-N-Eye) La Boucan and her good friend, Zsuzsa Harsman, will be performing Del’s Truck at the Judicial Justices Education Conference on November 24, 2016 in Vancouver.

The 3 day conference is an annual event that provides Judicial Justices with training and opportunities to learn about current legal issues. This year’s conference has a Truth and Reconciliation segment which includes the performance of Del’s Truck and a presentation by Charlene Bearhead, Education Lead for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Guuduniia wrote Del’s Truck based on the landmark Aboriginal case, Delgamuukw. Angered and frustrated by how the law can be used to undermine the rights of indigenous peoples, she wrote a story that we can all understand. In the process she created something profound and beautiful. Reconciliation is taking a chance by opening a door to a deeper understanding of Canada’s past, present and future. Del’s Truck is an invitation to go through that door and meet other Canadians who like you, are interested in reconciliation.

“Stories are a unique way to get people talking to each other and to build bridges around legal systems and world views. By promoting dialogue, they help to build bridges of mutual respect and understanding, so we can venture back and forth and know that we are welcome on both sides. They are for everyone who is curious and courageous enough to venture out of their comfort zone.” - Guuduniia
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